Terms and Conditions

We do not sell your information.

Plan are clear and accurate 1/4″ scale drawings printed on 18 X 24 paper.

Instant Plans: Download on up to three devices within thirty days.

You are ordering plans for the pool design selected – They include: Design – Layout – Dimensions – Piping – Electrical – Details – Specifications – Equipment and Equipment Layout. Similar plans have been widely accepted and used to complete numerous swimming pool projects worldwide.

This plan may require modifications due to soil conditions, slopes, retaining walls, adjacent structures, location, and features and local authorities

Note: Some installations may require a permit and inspections. a site specific site plan and a seal by a professional engineer.

Installation is to be done in accordance with all Federal, state and local building codes including ANSI/NSPI 3, ANSI/NSPI 5,ANSI/APSP 7, ANSI/APSP/ICC 15

Plans are for gunite, shotcrete, and concrete swimming polls.

There are no refunds.

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