Pool Landscaping

Pools are a luxury that comes in handy in the summer and beyond. Like everyone else, you want to install yours and make it more functional and good-looking. Luckily, there are various exotic swimming pool landscaping ideas and pool designs to choose from.

Don’t spend your next vacation in a boring pool when you can have an amazing time on a budget. A stunning swimming pool plan provides more joy and maximum relaxation. Add a few beautiful styles to this place and make it more refreshing. Wondering how? These ideas will leave you inspired!

Pool Illumination and Lighting

Don’t limit your swimming pool plans to daylight. Add some artificial lighting and indulge in those late-night or pre-dawn swims. A well-illuminated backyard pool is also a perfect joint for late-night parties. Go for lighting elements that offer aesthetic and practicable value for your pool and backyard. You can choose between LED, fiber optic, halogen, or solar lighting solutions.

Palm Trees

Pool designs go beyond the building elements. Breathe nature into your pool area and create a vacation feel with palm trees. They will make your yard appear gorgeous and unique while creating a sense of privacy. Palm trees grow fast and are easy to maintain. If well customized, they can match your landscaping and pool design needs.


If you have a phobia for intense and thrilling adventures, start building your adrenaline right in your pool. Install zip lines, and you’ll have a great experience away from the woods. Adding this feature to your swimming pool plans will help fight the fear of heights, and with time you’ll be comfortable indulging in adrenaline rush adventures. 


Is the swimming pool’s idea only about getting into the waters? Adding interesting pool designs and features like treehouses on your pool landscaping can transform it into a haven for a sumptuous retreat. Make your pool a more fun and perfect relaxing place with a treehouse of your choice where you can take time off from the waters and enjoy the beautiful view. You can agree; the air quality at that elevated level is impressive.


People are gradually adopting new swimming pool plans. Unlike before, when this structural design was thought to be a recreational facility. Swimming pools enhance your property’s general look. Thus, the idea of integrating a stunning waterfall feature into your pool can create spectacular visuals and boost the vibe of your poolside.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are one of the stunning pool designs suited for modern homes. Complementing your yard with rock gardens helps add complexity and a beautiful natural appeal to your mundane pool space. You can go with a tranquil rock garden, minimalistic garden, or any other option that suits the elements you want for your poolside.

Sunken Bar Pits

Bring the exotic vacationing experience to your backyard. Add a sunken bar pit into your concrete swimming pool plan. You can make an in-ground pool more functional, attractive, and fun for family and friends’ entertainment joints by including barstool seating, serving area, and countertop. The right experts will offer customized features to complete your pool design.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great accessory to include in your swimming pool plan. If you want to extend those evening hours by your pool, whether alone, with friends or family, incorporate this idea into your pool designs. With a variety of fire pits designed for different purposes, ensure you pick the right one for your space, local ordinances, and budget.

Swim Jets

Swim jets are suited for those seeking to increase underwater currents in their pools. If you swim for fitness, incorporate a treadmill’s benefits into your pool by installing swim jets. You can double your exercise experience by opting for a swim jet with massage capabilities. Adding this element coupled with other swimming pool plans is a convenient way to have fun while achieving fitness goals.   


The flooring aesthetics of your lovely pool does matter. Like your lighting, installing a perfect tile on your pool is vital in the designing process. With a myriad of tiles options for pool designs, you can create a breathtaking masterpiece. Focus on the tiles’ attractiveness and durability. Go for a color that blends with other pool features.

Auto Cover

Fun without hygiene can turn disastrous. Keep the pool clean and safe with an automatic cover of your choice. This accessory also helps achieve incredible water and energy conservation rates. What makes this cover exotic is its retractability. A push on the button and your auto cover appears and disappears as you wish. Implementing this idea in your swimming pool plan can preserve your backyard value and prolong your pool’s lifespan.   

Reflective Mirrors

Incorporating reflective features in your swimming pool plans can accentuate other design elements in it and the surroundings.  Add reflective mirrors to create a sense of tranquility and peaceful charm for your pool. With these features, you can transform your backyard oasis into a private and secluded place. It only requires your builder to be precise with your pool’s architectural features.

Tanning Ledges

If you want to keep a lot of furniture from your swimming pool designs, go for a tanning ledge. The feature offers comfort and relaxation while in the water.  The tanning ledge serves a similar purpose as the poolside furniture, only that installations are done in the pool. It is a versatile option that comes with added aesthetics for your unique pool.

Natural Pebble Finishes

Introduce an element of natural beauty in your swimming pool plan with pebble finishes. By combining naturally sourced pebbles, you bring a beach feel into your backyard. You can emphasize your pool’s beauty by placing stones of varied colors. Ensure the placed pebbles are quality and can withstand the pool’s environment.

Alfresco Dining

How about creating a fancy and contemporary dining area next to your beautiful pool? You don’t have to show up at your pool for a swim only. Make this place more fun and relaxing by adding a modernized dining setup that boasts flexibility. You can spice it up with a music system.

Swim Spa

Take your wellness and fitness to higher levels while under the waters. With few added features to your swimming pool plans, you can convert your pool into a luxurious spa and enjoy maximum benefits from your pool all year round. Nothing can be more enjoyable and relaxing than getting into your spa pool after a long day of work for some therapeutic benefits. 

So, you plan to install or remodel your modern pool, and you are looking for ideas that can make your backyard a beautiful masterpiece. The above are great designs to incorporate into your swimming pool plan. Ensure you work with an experienced builder who can install a flawless pool that complements your backyard.

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