Piping Multiple Heaters

If a second heater is added the piping will be heat pump then gas heater then pool return.

The chlorinator is always the last component in the flow path. (If a water bond is installed, then the water bond will be the last component in the flow path.)

Heaters and chlorinators require a minimum flow rate to operate, (flow switch or pressure switch)

Variable speed pumps may need to be set to the rpm or speed required to meet the min. flow rate for these components to operate.

If pump performance is not up to par or if bubbles are visible in the pump strainer housing it is usually caused by the failure to provide a minimum clear straight length of pipe on the pump suction side.

Example: 2″ pvc pipe would require a minimum length of 10 inches.

All new pools should have variable speed or two speed pump.

All remodeled pools should be upgraded to a variable speed or a two speed pump.

Pool equipment usually consists of the following components and they should be installed in this order. Pump – Filter – Heater – Chlorinator

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